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Chabad Center for Jewish Living, Manchester NH
Building Expansion

Since opening our doors in 1989, Chabad of New Hampshire has successfully developed into an indispensable resource for the New Hampshire Jewish community. We have seen incredible growth over the years and a wonderful increase in our program attendance.

Thank G-d, we are at the point where we have outgrown our current space and we need to expand to allow our vibrant community to come together comfortably. 

Additionally, we are compelled to build a Mikvah (ritual bath,) making it the first and only Mikvah in New Hampshire. 

What's the plan?

Sanctuary Expansion
Our shul is too small for Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, high holiday services, Rosh Hashana dinners, Pesach seders, Purim celebrations etc. We simply do not have enough room to accommodate everyone in our current space. This expansion will add on much needed space.

State-of-the-art Mikvah
The Mikvah at Chabad of New Hampshire will be the first in the state to fill a longstanding need in our community. The state-of-the-art facility will enable the observance of this spiritual and timeless mitzvah in a modern spa-like environment.

Hospitality Suites
The comfortable hospitality suites at the Chabad Center will enable the Jewish community and visitors to spend Shabbat and festivals within walking distance of the synagogue.

CTeen Lounge
Our NEW CTeen lounge will allow the teens a larger space of their own where they feel comfortable identifying and celebrating their Judaism.

Passover Kitchen
Pesach Seders are well attended at Chabad. To ensure that all food is Kosher for Passover while still serving regular Shabbat Kiddush leading up to Pesach, a kitchen space that is designated only for Pesach is a major plus.

How can I help?

The construction costs for this much-needed expansion are estimated to be $1,250,000, of which we have raised $500,000. Along with other generous pledges and grants, this campaign will take us to the finish line!

As Chabad expands all over the world, let us join forces to make sure our Jewish community continues to thrive and grow. Together, we can ensure that Jewish life and traditions live on for generations to come!

You can be a partner in our growth by contributing to our campaign and by spreading the word. Maimonides says that every good deed, no matter how small, tips the scale of humanity toward goodness. Today you have the opportunity to see the impact of that deed multiplied many times over. Join us by making a donation of any amount today!


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